Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Still Among the Living

I haven't really dropped off the face of the earth. I've just been mowing and mowing and mowing some more. Most of our grass was a good 12" high so I've been mowing it twice - once to get it down a little, the second time to mow it lower and make it look good. It's hard enough to mow it once, but twice is a bit much. I think I'll take a break from it today; partly because a bolt came off of the seat of my rider so the seat rocks as I mow. I don't think I've ever gotten seasick mowing the yard before! We'll look for the right bolt today (since I have no idea where the old one is) and if we can't find one, Dave will make one. Nice to have a machinist for a husband. :D

The whole yard is actually dry now! Of course it's cloudy today, and chilly the last 3 days, and showers are in the forecast for the weekend. I simply cannot win.

I've also been reading but haven't had a lot of time for it. I'm reading an old book about pioneer women of the early 19th century who settled Kansas. My great-grandparents homesteaded in Nebraska and I knew their life must have been difficult there but this book has opened my eyes to just how hard it was. The dirt floors, sod houses or dugouts cut into small hills or riverbanks, the crop failures, the wild animals, all of these things are pretty scary. In my great-grandparents' case, he lost an eye while splitting wood, a friend of theirs was murdered by an outlaw, she gave birth to my grandfather and his sister on the homestead, and then Gramps had polio. And that's just the hard luck stories I know about. It's no wonder they returned to Illinois where he got his desk job back at the railroad. My great-grandmother made the best doggone biscuits you could ever dream of, and her pies were to die for.

The book is fascinating and I'll review it, probably tomorrow, because I only have a few pages left to read. That's a relief since I have three ARCs waiting for me that look very good too.

Update on Scaredy Cat: She has a litter which Dave has seen but I haven't and she let me pet her head one morning but not since. Not sure what we're going to do about all this but I don't want her to spend another winter outside, and we would love to adopt one of the kittens and momma. We'll see what happens.


  1. I just finished a book about Nebraska ("To Be Sung Underwater" by Tom McNeal and it made me want to go live there! But in contemporary times, of course, not back when people had to homestead. I would never have made it!

  2. Now that I'm thinking about the homesteading, I'd like to know more about Nebraska. I never would have survived homesteading either, so I have much more admiration for my great-grandparents than I ever did before.