Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hoo-De-Hoo Day!

There is an annual custom in a county in Northeastern Pennsylvania that I like. Every February 18th is Hoo-De-Hoo Day when the people, particularly young children and their teachers, dress in funny hats and costumes, grab noisemakers, go outside, and yell "Hoo-De-Hoo" at the top of their lungs. The purpose of this zany exercise is to scare winter away.

It never works of course, but everyone has a great time and it breaks up the monotony of gloomy February days. The local television stations always show something funny like preschoolers and their teachers all gathered outside yelling "Hoo-De-Hoo," shaking noisemakers, and waving their arms. Picture an adorable little boy with a Cat in the Hat hat and a football jersey about ten times too big for him - just too cute.

I think we should all celebrate Hoo-De-Hoo Day next February. It's good for your mental health. :-D

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