Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stray Cats, Basketball, and Stone Walls

On what was supposed to be a lovely, warm, sunny day, it is cold and dreary but our stone wall builder is hard at work this morning. I dearly hope he will finish that wall soon before snow flies - again. The wall is just what this house needed, so beautiful and fitting for the setting. He's an amazing artist. Pictures coming when it's done.

We have had a little snow already. While it was pretty to watch, I'm thankful it melted quickly. I'm so not ready for winter yet. Autumn is my favorite season in Pennsylvania, even when the foliage fails to astonish with its bright colors. This year was gradual colorization which never achieved greatness, but nice anyway.

The saga of our stray cat continues. As of this writing, her name is Scaredy Cat because I still can't approach any closer than 4 feet, and that has only happened a couple times. Mostly she runs away when we even look at her, although she does come to our patio to eat her food most days. She is terrified of the neighbor's dog (who isn't really that interested in her) and this week she's having a traumatic time of it because the stone wall builder brings his black lab with him every day. Toby is still a pup and loves to romp. He's tied up most of the time but the cat is making herself scarce anyway.

We had to do some shopping yesterday, our least favorite way to spend our day so it only happens when absolutely unavoidable. My mother used to wonder if I was really a girl. When I was born, she looked forward to mother-daughter shopping excursions. Too bad, Mom. I hate shopping.

Despite the gloom, today is a happy day. Tonight is the first night of home basketball games for Binghamton University. I love basketball as much as I hate shopping. I can hardly wait to see how the women's team is shaping up tonight; tomorrow night we'll see the men's team and I'm hopeful as I am every year at this time. BU has had some problems with its basketball program in recent years, but tonight is a fresh start with old issues settled. Good times!

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