Thursday, December 17, 2009

Medicare Drug Plan's Donut Hole

A headline caught my attention this morning. It said that Democrats are committed to filling in the donut hole in the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Oh to think it could happen! Then I see they are discussing filling in $500 worth now and the rest by 2019.

My husband and I fall into the donut hole every year. By the end of the year Dave has crawled back out of it, but I haven't. Thus, when I ordered an inhaler I need to stay alive, the cost for a 90 day supply would have been nearly $800. I put a hold on it since I have just enough to get by until Jan. 1 when I will lift the hold. Thankfully we don't have a deductible so as we begin a new year I can get what I need.

I've discussed the problem with my pulmonologist and he said my only option is to take a chance on not using my inhalers. Since I'd like to live many years yet, I don't see that as an option. Meanwhile our total drug costs are soaring because we both have chronic diseases that require daily medication.

I see so many articles about health care reform that turn out to be speculation about what will happen that I've actually stopped reading them. All I can do is cross my fingers that a reform plan passes that will help not only us but all the people who can't afford health insurance at all. I've written to senators, congressmen, and the president and called too. Now I sit and wait and hope.

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