Sunday, September 27, 2009

Folksinger John McCutcheon

Last night we drove up to the little town of Homer, NY for a concert. I'm sure you've never heard of Homer but don't feel bad, neither has anyone else. However, an old church there houses the Center for the Arts of Homer. We go there several times a year to hear musicians we wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to hear and are never disappointed. We've found a little restaurant we like in the nearby town of Cortland, and enjoy a wonderful evening.

The entertainer last night was a folksinger, John McCutcheon. He has six Grammy nominations to his credit, but lost every time so he refers to himself as the Susan Lucci of the Grammies. He's an amazing man who writes books as well as songs and plays the banjo, guitar, hammered dulcimer and autoharp masterfully. He is a born storyteller. His stories are of the human condition, things we can all relate to in some way, some that make the listener smile and others that make us cry. He's also a very funny man.

Years ago we lived in a suburb of Chicago and regularly drove to Woodstock, Ill. to a similar place, the Woodstock Opera House. It was closer to us, and wasn't located in the "snow belt" as Homer is, so we went to more programs there. I don't know if it still exists, but if you look hard enough you'll find these venues in unlikely little towns all across the country. They are usually inexpensive nights out, but more than worth the price. You won't regret supporting them, becoming a member if you can, and enjoying the variety of entertainment they offer.

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