Monday, June 22, 2009

Mickelson's Triumph

I am writing this on Monday morning as the elite of the golfing world try to finish the US Open. No matter whose name ends up at the top of the leader board, Phil Mickelson will be the winner. For once, the good guy is being hailed and applauded for just being who he is.

The Mickelson's aren't the only family to have faced breast cancer as a close-knit loving family, of course, but because of his fame and the love the public has for them as a family, they set an example for all of us. Phil has always put his family first and golf second. He has always treated the fans as an integral part of his success and the fans love him for it. Maybe he hasn't won as many tournaments as Tiger or Arnie or Jack, all admirable men, but his heart is so obviously in the right place we can't help but set him apart as a truly outstanding man.

My heart goes out to Amy, Phil, and their beautiful little girls. I do hope her surgery and treatment go well, but I know he will be there with her through thick and thin. This is the way a marriage and a life should be.

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