Sunday, March 30, 2014


    Once upon a time I gobbled novels like this like popcorn.  They're almost addicting with their nonstop action, innovative thinking, close calls, around the world chases, and characters with unbelievable skills.  Of course the characters are always beautiful or handsome and incredibly smart as well.  I don't remember why I stopped reading them, probably something about a lack of time, but at any rate it has been years.

When a publicist at HarperCollins offered this paperback edition to me for review, I remembered the good old days and accepted.  Well, Sigma Force novels are a little different now than those thrillers I used to read but not much.  The difference is in the technology.  I felt like I should have a Ph.D. in physics to even attempt to follow the mystery the characters were trying to solve.  So, lacking that kind of education, I just rolled with the flow and let the tech talk just sort of fly over my head.  

If you have the stomach for some torture, some very scary situations, and danger, you'll like this.  The plot involves a search for relics of Genghis Khan and St. Thomas (strange pairing there) they had to use to stop the destruction of the earth.  And of course they have to find them in a few days.  New calculations keep lessening the time line, and no one knows for sure where the relics are.  We travel to Rome, the Aral Sea's exposed bed, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Lake Baikal, etc.  The good guys deal with North Korea, a Chinese Triad led by a woman and a cult in Mongolia.

If you are a fan of James Rollins or just love thrillers, this one will certainly not disappoint you.  There were a lot of times I rolled my eyes and thought, "Come on.  Really?" but for the most part I just relaxed and enjoyed the fun.  The characters are perfect, even the guy who has had magnets surgically implanted into his fingertips to detect electromagnetic fields is a hunk who will win you over.

Highly recommended
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