Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This e-book is a slightly confusing mystery but I was impressed by Bruce's ability to present a character in a couple paragraphs so well that you feel like you know that person's type.  The exceptions are the main characters, DC Gary Goodhew and Kimberly Guyver, mother of a missing toddler.

The story begins with Kimberly in her kitchen finding a matchbook with the name and logo of Rita Club on it.  She burns the matchbook, then turns to take care of her son Riley.  On TV a news flash shows a winch lifting a car from the Mediterranean Sea.  She recognizes it, and immediately meets her friend Rachel to discuss the finding of Nick Lewton's car with Nick's remains inside.  They decide they must leave town for a while but separately because they're in danger and so is Riley.  Rachel takes him so that Kim can have a little time to prepare to go.

Kim always spends a lot of time looking at Mill Road Cemetery which is right next to her apartment in Cambridge.  Rachel lives within view with her husband Stefan Golinski, a jealous and violent man.  She is planning to leave him.  That afternoon their house burns.  Rachel's body is found inside but not Riley or Stefan.  The search begins.

Goodhew is a fascinating character.  He is single but very close to his grandmother.  Lives across from police station.  He's relatively new to force, but his boss has been watching him carefully and trusts him.  Goodhew has exactly what his boss looks for in a detective.  I loved following him and trying to figure out what he was thinking.  His insights are amazing and yet not unbelievingly so.  I like this guy.

Twists and turns lead the reader this way and that, but nothing really makes sense until near the end when all becomes clear.  Meanwhile, you worry - where is Riley?  Is he safe?  Will they find him in time?

Highly recommended
Source: Witness/Impulse Imprint, HarperCollins


  1. This sounds very interesting, Barbara! I just put a hold on it at the library.

  2. I like twists and turns but if the book is too confusing I tend to lose interest. I'll have to think about this one.

  3. not familiar with this one - glad u enjoyed it Barbara