Monday, April 22, 2013

IF YOU WERE HERE, Alafair Burke

McKenna Wright is a heroine I can believe in. No super powers or jumping into a situation wiser women would get away from. She's smart, yes, but also blessed with common sense. She's married to a West Point grad and they were both friends with one of his classmates, Susan Hauptmann. They were aware that Susan had problems with her stern military father. Then Susan seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. She left behind everything in her life in New York City, and no clue where she had gone. No body was ever found.

It has been ten years now and McKenna, a former assistant D.A. and now a journalist, is fact finding for a story about a young man who fell onto the subway tracks but was saved by a woman who ran off without identifying herself. When McKenna sees a tape of it, she is shocked to recognize the woman who saved him as her long-lost friend.

McKenna is no longer a lawyer and that in itself is a strange story. Now she is trying to find Susan and gets into the middle of another strange tale.

The characters McKenna meets along the way are believable as well. Through each one she learns a little bit more but doesn't know who to trust, even her husband is acting suspicious. Was he involved with Susan? Does he know she is actually alive? A detective McKenna had offended years ago becomes an ally in the hunt.

I didn't figure out the whole story until it was spelled out to me in the final chapters, but then it made perfect sense. I requested the book because I had read Alafair Burke before, and I certainly wasn't disappointed this time either.

Highly recommended
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  1. I've read some of the books in Alafair Burke's Ellie Hatcher series and enjoyed them very much. This looks like an interesting read as well.

  2. Burke's an author I haven't tried but I keep hearing great things about her work. I like the fact that you didn't have this one figured out.

  3. I also think this sounds interesting. I am also the type who NEVER gets stuff until the end and it is spelled out for me! :--)

  4. I love this author and this sounds like a terrific story. Thanks for sharing Barbara.