Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reading and Editing but Blogging, Not So Much

I really have been reading, although the past three days it's been slow.  I have a chemo headache that just won't let me enjoy reading at the moment.  I'll be glad when I feel better; this is the pits.

Meanwhile, I've been reading a very long book that I promised to critique for a new writer in NJ. It's fitting for me to do this since it is set where I went to prep school back in the Middle Ages.  My thoughts on it will only be for her, but if she does get it published, I'll share.

I'm also reading about Harold Fry's walking adventure.  Have you read this one?  It's downstairs, I'm upstairs, and I'm much too lazy to walk down and get the correct title.  It's about a shy, sheltered man who has led a life strictly confined to home and job.  Then he receives a letter from an old friend who is dying of cancer in a place about 500 miles north of Harold's home.  He decides to walk the 500 miles to see her, figuring as long as he walks, she lives.  A very strange book, but then I'm in a very strange situation at the moment so I guess it suits me.

At least I've been able to watch the Olympics without guilt.  That's about all I've had the strength and energy to do, but the games have been great.  I'm getting a kick out of the fact that William, Kate, and Harry have been attending so many events and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  And I must say having, supposedly, Queen Elizabeth II and Bond, James Bond parachute into the opening ceremonies was a touch of genius.  Otherwise the ceremony left me cold but that was super.

I'll be back just as soon as I get rid of this blankety-blank headache.


  1. I agree re opening ceremonies! Kind of weird! :--)

    Sorry to hear about your chemo headache, but as you said on FB, the more it kicks you, the more its kicking the bad guys in you! Nevertheless, sounds very unfun.

  2. Sorry to see chemo has left you with a headache like that. Hopefully things will get better.

  3. Barb....I've been out of internet range for a blessed while, but I've still been thinking of you and sending positive thoughts that your chemo will be successful and your headache has cleared by now.