Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Surprise Visitor

Dave and I have always said we didn't have any snapping turtles in our lower pond, just small box turtles.  Well, surprise!  This morning Dave found a large snapper in the garage driveway.  By the time I went out to see, she had made her way almost to the pond and one of our red-winged blackbirds was watching her and squawking.

I watched the tall grass and cattails mark her progress back into the water.  Then I noticed in an area where no grass is growing there is a circle of disturbed soil.  Apparently she had buried her eggs and then got turned around trying to go back to the pond.  

Now I'm glad I didn't venture into the pond to pull cattails.  Ouch!  I remember once in NJ when Dave was using a metal rake to pull some water plants out of the lake we lived next to and a huge snapper took offense.  He grabbed that rake and nearly pulled Dave's hands off.  Wow, was that turtle angry! 

We're in the midst of a difficult time for keeping our yard nice.  It rains buckets, then clears up just long enough for the grass to start drying, but no sooner do I go out to mow than it pours again.  Between that and some health problems yet again, our yard is starting to look like the town dump.  Very discouraging.

Oh well, obviously the turtles are happy.


  1. I love turtles! Or at least I used to, until I saw (and heard- yuck) Turtle Sex at a recent kid zoo visit!

  2. It's exciting that you'll have some baby turtles. We'd like to have some of that rain down here. Sorry you're still being plagued with health issues.

  3. Hang in there! I hope the snapping turtle doesn't get you!

  4. Ah, the yard is always a struggle to keep up in the summer. Last year, it rained here every day for 4 months (April - July) and the grass was just impossible.

    The nice thing is, a good mow and it'll look so much better. :-)

  5. Jill, We had to laugh at your comment. Years ago we went to the San Diego Zoo and stopped to look at the Galapagos Tortoises. One was trying to mount another. Two old ladies were watching and one said, "My goodness, why doesn't it just go around if it wants to get by that other one?" Neither of them had a clue.

    Kathy, Debbie and Rose City, Thanks for your comments. Dave just went out about 5 min. ago to do some trimming. Now it's raining again.

  6. I enjoy hearing about your country life. I hope you keep telling us about those eggs and when they hatch. Here on the other end of the country we are having to water twice a week to keep things alive. I'd love some of that rain.

  7. Sure wish I could ship some of our rain to places with forest fires and drought.

    I'll have to look up again how long before those turtle eggs hatch since I've forgotten. Then we'll keep an eye out for babies.

  8. That must have big an unexpected surprise. Hope your health issues clear up.