Friday, May 11, 2012

Executive Actions and Executive Treason

Once again I am delighted to participate in a Partners in Crime Tour, this time with two e-book thrillers by Gary Grossman.  This author has long experience in television and movies, so I suppose it’s no surprise that both of these books read to me like screenplays and I can imagine wonderful movies made of each.  The second is a sequel to the first so this could be something like a Jason Bourne or Mission Impossible serial hit for a popular actor.

Now of course I can’t tell you much about the plots but I must say that once I got into the multiple settings and characters, enough so to keep them straight and see their agenda, I was pulled along by the storyline.  I’ll even admit to nail-biting tension toward the end of each book as all seemed lost and I worried how the heroes would bring it to a good conclusion.

The major hero in both books is Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke.  With Grossman’s visual writing style, I can easily envision Roarke and the other characters.  If I knew current actors better, I could probably cast a film just off the top of my head.  Roarke, former military hero,  had saved President Morgan Taylor’s life at one time, Taylor being an ace pilot before his political career.  In Executive Actions Taylor is running for reelection and Roarke is his most trusted agent.   His opponent is a Kennedyesque New Englander who looks unbeatable after his wife is killed during an apparent assassination attempt on the candidate’s life.  He even has the perfect name:  Theodore Wilson Lodge.

Since this is a thriller, you know evil is afoot and it seems to be coming from Libya.   There are action scenes that will translate beautifully to the wide screen, particularly a raid on an office building in Tripoli.

In Executive Treason the person sworn in as president at the end of the first book (whose name I can’t reveal because it’s a spoiler) is now in office and the plot switches to world-wide terrorism beginning with the finding of a bomb in a hotel in Sydney, Australia where the U.S. President and other dignitaries are scheduled to stay within months.  An assassin familiar to us from the first book awaits a presidential assistant as she jogs in California.  A talk radio host in the Midwest stirs up animosity toward the administration through his show called “Strong Nation.”  And finally, Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency is involved.

Scott Roarke and his girlfriend are once again in danger and things are moving fast.  Now of course I can’t tell you anymore lest I ruin the fun of reading these books for yourself, but accept it that you will follow the action breathlessly in some parts.  I do recommend both of these e-books for anyone who loves a good thriller, possibly for beach reading on your Kindle.

I have received a request from the author about how to purchase these two books.  The links are:  or   


  1. These sound good and I love your phrase "visual writing style" - must steal that! I mean, borrow that, of course! :--)

  2. Steal away, Jill. I do think you might enjoy these two books.

  3. Home, swweet, home. Oh God! I am so homesick for Pennsylvania.

    Carole McKee

  4. Carole, In PA we are getting tons of rain right now. We'd probably all love to see you when it stops because you can practically watch the grass growing. :D

    Please note that I've added a paragraph at the end of the reviews at the request of Gary Grossman for links to buy these two books.

  5. Congrats! Your tales sound intriguing. :)