Monday, January 10, 2011

Only January 10 and So Much Catching Up to Do

I was amazed to notice that I hadn't posted anything since January 3rd. The short answer to this is that I've been reading a 600 page book about the 1893 Chicago World's Fair which, if I'm lucky, I'll finish today. I've also had some bad days with COPD and that makes me extraordinarily tired.

For what seems like a week now we've had some snow every single day and each day Dave has to decide whether it's worth getting out the snowblower or whether the wind will just blow it back where we don't want it. Up here on our mountain the wind sort of takes over your life sometimes. I've read about pioneer women who went crazy and killed their children because they spent so much time in their sod houses with the wind whipping across the prairie and their husbands in town trying to earn some money. Since we moved here, I understand that feeling a little better. Not that I would kill children, you understand . . .

The snow is beautiful though. I felt like I was living in a snow globe and someone kept shaking it the other day. Every time I looked out there were fat snow flakes falling gently. Mostly though we've had sideways snow blowing into drifts like sand dunes. Yet the accumulation hasn't been more than around 6 inches.

I'm glad Dave can still handle the snowblower since I can't and we have two long driveways to clear, one for the house and one for Dave's business. I've noticed Scaredy Cat waits until we clear a path before she ventures out to our patio for her food. By the way, she still won't come to me, still runs at the sight of a human, and I assume is living in the warmer barn across the street.

Today the sun is out, it has stopped snowing for the time being, and we have a basketball game tonight. As my friend Will says, life is good. Who knows, our team may actually win tonight - or not. We'll have fun regardless.

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