Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corporations Will Run Elections

You must have heard by now of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. I'm stunned. According to this ruling, corporations can now legally donate as much funding as they want to any candidate!

Maybe you should read that last sentence again. Funding unlimited from corporations to the candidates of their choice. Do you realize what that means? Apparently Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg does since she disssented from the majority opinion.

Republican CEOs must be over the moon. Is this the end of the two party system, to be replaced by the who has the most money system? If huge corporations join together to back a candidate, how can that candidate possibly lose? You and I with our $10 and $50 donations can't possibly fight that - and in this economy who can afford even those small donations? I'll tell you who: corporations, some of whom got bailout money from the government during the Obama administration and would now love to bite the hand that fed them.

I'm not naive, I understand that it takes millions and millions to run a successful campaign which is why many of our politicians become millionaires before they run for office. If you think, though, that corporations will back Joe Niceguy who lives down the street, forget it. They will back powerful candidates from their own party who can have the most influence on Washington, D.C. They will back people who are willing to reciprocate by passing laws that benefit the corporations, not you and me.

I sincerely hope something can be done to reverse this decision. Maybe Congress will pass a law against it. Hah, who am I trying to kid? Never happen.

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