Friday, September 18, 2009

Henry Gibson and his Flower are Gone

Do you remember Henry Gibson on "Laugh-in" years ago? He was such a little guy and he would stand there holding a flower while he recited poetry in a completely earnest fashion. He was one of those few people, like George Gobel (which I'm not sure I spelled correctly), who could just stand in front of a camera and completely break me up. I heard yesterday that Henry died and I felt the loss even though I hadn't seen him on television in years.

"Laugh-In" was a rare television show. It was as giddy and silly as Goldie Hawn's giggle, it used repetitive gags, but it was so funny I couldn't miss it. I loved Arte Johnson's dirty old man who regularly gotten beaten over the head with a purse, and even the repeated "Sock it to me!" never ceased to make me laugh. Remember Richard Nixon of all people appearing in the hole in the wall and saying, "Sock it to me," deadpan?

I've loved Goldie Hawn ever since. No one ever had such an infectious giggle. But little Henry Gibson gone? It's just hard to believe.

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