Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi Mom! I'm on TV!

We've been watching the NCAA World Series on television. My husband and I both love college sports and watch this series every year. In fact, we were scheduled to attend the games in Omaha this summer but the lousy economy doomed those plans.

As always, I'm astounded at the lengths people go to just to be on TV for a few seconds. To their credit, the people behind the cameras and in the control booth for ESPN have mostly shown us the cute kids in the stands, and who doesn't like that? They also find pretty girls to show and the inevitable row of shirtless guys with school letters painted on their chests. And don't forget the female Texas Longhorn fans who put their long hair up to look (I guess) like horns. Very funny.

What they can't avoid showing that is beyond my understanding is all the people glued to cell phones who go to any extent to be on camera so they can smile and wave at whoever they're calling. When the camera scans the crowd, look out! People practically trample each other to be on TV.

Then there are the front row folks who are apparently at the game only to hold up signs. "Hi Mom!" "I got here, Joe!" They never seem to actually watch the game.

This year I've noticed quite a few young people who have seats I'd kill for yet they have their backs turned to the field because they're talking/flirting with someone behind them. Maybe I'm just jealous.

It isn't just baseball of course. At the U.S. Open I loved the fans cheering for Phil Mickelson, but then there is always a guy with a huge voice yelling, "You're the man!" or "In the hole!" a millisecond after anyone strikes the ball. Now that's irritating.

I'm reminded of the John 3:16 guy with the multicolored wig. What ever happened to him? And how did he afford tickets to all the big events? Some things are destined to remain a mystery.

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